Vehicle Inspection

Our technicians take the time to inspect all belts, hoses, and fluid levels including transmission, differentials, radiator, brake, power steering and clutch. We inspect the exhaust system and brake components; the drive shaft, suspension and other areas potentially requiring service and repair. Complete service helps your car operate efficiently, and addresses problems before they become an unexpected or expensive disaster


Diagnostic Services

Using diagnostic equipment our experts are able to communicate with your vehicle to identify and rectify management faults. These faults usually eliminate one of your dash warning lights eg. Engine Management, airbag or ABS fault lights.


Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioning service ensures that the climate control system inside your car is effective and free from defaults. Prestige Marques specialists examine your car’s air conditioning system to make sure everything functions perfectly, also replacing coolant or any necessary parts when necessary.


Fixed Price Servicing.

All parts used for servicing will be genuine  parts (unless otherwise requested), so you can be confident that those parts will perform […]


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About Us

We are Hertfordshire's premier independent specialist.

We offer a professional experience similar to Main dealerships without the expensive costs associated with them.

We are passionate about Cars and customer care and take enormous pride in offering our customers a personal, transparent and genuine service which exceeds the levels you encounter at all dealerships.

We use genuine parts.

Fully Licenced and Health and Safety compliant to service and repair air-conditioning systems.

We have trained automatic gearbox specialists and we can professionally repair and rebuild your transmission to its former performance levels of shift and smoothness of operation.

In depth manufacturer specific diagnostic equipment & up to date technical information.

Local collection & delivery service available by appointment.
Mercedes-Benz courtesy cars, subject to availability.

PRESTIGE MOTOR GROUP keeping your car healthy without breaking the bank.